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TeachTool is our innovative, interactive online planning tool that takes the planning burden away from our staff. With a bank of over 6,000 lessons, our fully resourced plans give a step by step guide to the delivery of lessons. Each lesson is complete with all resources required and build on skills and learning from previous lessons. They include presentations, video clips, stimulus materials and worksheets to support the learning of the pupils and allow teachers to deliver lessons without having to find resources for themselves. Top tips are included in classroom and pupil management.

Subjects covered by our TeachTool software include Spanish, French, Computing, Drama, Music, PE, Gymnastics, Move With Maths, Musical Theatre, and Yoga. Our latest developments are in Mindfulness, Art, and RE and we plan to further expand our portfolio and bank of lessons into PHSE and other curriculum areas.

Staff are supported by our dedicated team who are on hand to help and advise on the delivery of our lessons from 8 am to 5 pm. We also offer a fully comprehensive training package to meet the needs of our schools in delivering the lessons using our software.

TeachTool empowers staff to deliver high quality, fully resources lessons focusing on the learning of their pupils without the extra workload of planning, finding and/or designing resources.

TeachTool allows teachers to teach.


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Track Your Progress

Progress tracker for lesson plans – as soon as a lesson is complete it will turn green therefore will help you keep track of your progress with the children or will allow your headteacher to keep track of each class. Lessons can be stopped and continued at any point. 

Assessments and Reports

Assessments/reports to send home to parents which will be automatically generated by your teacher ticking boxes about each child’s progress, these assessments meet the criteria outlined in the National Curriculum and can be exported for each child ready to send home – even complete with your school logo! Please see our KidzTool page for more information.


Monday, July 06, 2020

2020 has seen unprecedented times that we, as a company, never thought we would find ourselves in. We would like to express our gratitude to our:

  • Amazing clients

Working in the public sector can be very challenging at times and we understand that for schools, it is difficult to appreciate the way that our business works. Thanks to the support of our schools and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, we managed to waive over £300,000 of invoices to schools. This left us in a very difficult situation as we still have our HQ premises mortgage, bills to cover and suppliers that unfortunately have had to charge us regardless of the situation. We have lost approximately 10 schools for 2020-2021 due to COVID-19 and the budget cuts their schools have faced. We are very hopeful that these schools will return to us once they are open in September and have received funding support from the government.

  • Wonderful staff

Given one days notice that all schools in the UK would close, our staff had to frantically cancel over 90 PPA sessions daily, indefinitely. Throughout the peak of the crisis, we have had to work night and day to ensure the decisions we were making were going to have a minimal impact on our regular services once schools resumed. Our staff have taken the time to organise their work, to write new lesson plans for children and new schemes of work and we couldn’t be more grateful of their support. This truly shows their passion for the education sector and above all their love for children and learning!

  • Suppliers

To those suppliers who have been flexible with us during these unprecedented times, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Tsunami Computers Leicester, Lex AutoLease, WaterPlus and many more have allowed us to pause or reduce our monthly payments whilst we have received no income. This has made the difference between us surviving and not surviving the crisis. 

Going forwards, we will be rebuilding our business back up to where we were and support from schools in outsourcing their PPA to us to help us rebuild is greatly appreciated. We understand PPA time is a legal requirement for all teachers and the majority of the subjects that we cover are compulsory so if you are struggling to cover PPA time, would like to explore a new method of covering a compulsory subject such as MFL or ICT, please allow us to provide your school with a FREE trial and show you why you should choose us and support our small business.

We would like to send our well wishes to all small businesses both who have survived the crisis and who unfortunately have closed their doors. If you have managed to survive like us, please dig deep and find that energy to push forwards once more to rebuild your business rather than give up. The UK needs small businesses and even more so now with unemployment on the rise. It will be worth it, we promise!