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Move with Maths!

If your Numeracy results is a focus area of improvement on your School Improvement Plan and you wish to raise these standards, our “Move with Maths!” programme is an excellent way to raise attainment in Numeracy while children are being active and having fun!

“Move with Maths!” PPA cover

The objectives of this programme:

  • For children to develop their Numeracy skills through fun, interactive games and sports activities
  • For children to develop core principles of dedication and hard work that can be applied to achieve academic success in all areas of the curriculum
  • To encourage health and wellness as well as educating children Numeracy skills such as; fractions, percentages, and multiplication tables
  • To provide an extra hour’s physical exercise to children during their Curriculum hours
  • To improve self-confidence, leadership and decision-making skills
  • To make Numeracy accessible for all regardless of age, learning style or individual needs!

Why use Primary PPA Cover’s “Move with Maths!” programme?

  • Quality, consistent staff
  • Innovative and cost-effective way to spend your Primary PE Premium Fund and Pupil Premium Fund; to improve Numeracy through Physical Education
  • All lesson plans provided; hassle-free for teachers
  • “Maths on the Move!” lessons linked with healthy eating and nutrition through Change4Life
  • To raise attainment in Numeracy

Every child has different ways in which they learn best, and our “Move with Maths!” programme gets children up on their feet, taking part in physical activity whilst improving their Numeracy skills at the same time, the programme has a proven track record of engaging children who have otherwise struggled with Numeracy in the classroom.

Our “Move with Maths!” programme is based on getting Numeracy to become an active subject, developed by our Maths and PE specialists together. Sometimes, all it takes is for children to get out of the classroom and see Numeracy taught in a different way for them to understand a certain Numeracy challenge. Our mission is to make Numeracy FUN!

We offer our “Move with Maths!” programme to all year groups from EYFS through to Y6 and has suitable differentiation opportunities for all abilities including children with additional needs and English as an Additional Language.

“Move with Maths!” is not just for children who are struggling with Numeracy, we also offer Gifted and Talented booster sessions which are ideal pre-SATs to give children that final boost before their tests!

As well as providing excellent lesson plans and resources, we also provide assessments for children so progress is tracked across each individual pupil, class and year group.

This means that you can evidence the pupil’s work and progress to demonstrate your Pupil Premium spends when Ofsted visit your school.

To see our “Maths on the Move!” Framework which outlines our Medium and Long Term Plans throughout KS1 and KS2 please contact us.

All Schools who use Primary PPA Cover Ltd receive a cheque for £100 for a successful recommendation to another Primary School as we truly value your recommendations.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

What was your New Year Resolution? Many of us have resolved to be healthier and happier - January feels like a trial month ready for National Heart Month in February. Our children are more at risk than ever with living in such a digital world, so why not add in some additional PE time whilst improving their Maths targets? Move With Maths incorporates both PE and Maths during the same lesson! Do get in touch if this is something of interest.

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