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Modern Foreign Languages Cover

Using Primary PPA Cover’s Specialist MFL Teachers could not be a more suitable and hassle-free way of covering your school’s requirements of MFL

LinguaLearn©: MFL PPA Cover

Complete 300317 051The LinguaLearn concept was created by the directors of Primary PPA Cover Ltd in 2012 as a way of teaching languages interactively in primary schools. All schools that have decided to use LinguaLearn© to cover their language requirement have been overwhelmed by the children’s progress and enthusiasm towards their language lessons. Since September 2014, every school is required to offer an MFL lesson at least once per week for years three to six (Key Stage 2) and LinguaLearn© could not be a more suitable and hassle-free way of covering the requirements of the new curriculum for the following reasons:

  • Our MFL LinguaLearn© teachers use our specifically designed software which imports class lists and tracks pupil progress as well as providing individual or class reports at the click of a button. For more information on our LinguaLearn© software please click here
  • LinguaLearn© involves a wide variety of cross-curricular links enabling children to excel in other areas of the curriculum whilst learning a new language
  • The programme combines competitions, teamwork and fun which put a new outlook on language learning for children
  • LinguaLearn© opens the opportunity to improve confidence, negotiation and physical activity skills
  • After the first four weeks, at least 60% of the programme is taught in the target language which enables children to be constantly listening to the new language and learning without realising
  • LinguaLearn© improves children’s literacy and numeracy skills and opens greater opportunities for children at college and university; having acquire a language skill at such a young age
  • Due to our international schools’ links, we facilitate international learning opportunities for the children such as; Skype interactive sessions with schools in Spain, pen-pal schemes, and even residential trips abroad. For more information on this, please contact us.

LinguaLearn© LANGUAGES

  • Spanish
  • French

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Schools are to choose one language from the above options for their LinguaLearn© programme.

Although languages are only a compulsory requirement for Key Stage 2 (since September 2014), many schools are already asking us to provide a teacher to teach shorter language lessons (30 -45 minutes) for Key Stage 1 ready for when they move up to the next Key Stage, which we can facilitate – please contact us for a quote.


Why choose Primary PPA Cover for your MFL provision?

Our recent achievements are as follows:

  • Holy Family Catholic School worked with one of our MFL specialists for the inter-school MFL Competition (Vocab Express) and received an award for the best Primary School for Spanish in the UK
  • St Thomas More Catholic School entered a Spanish Dance routine into our annual ‘Language Fusion’ Midlands Event and won; receiving a trophy for the school and certificates for each child
  • Three of our Primary Schools are due to come to visit our partner school in Spain this year for the third time!


At the first stages of the booking process, we will analyse your current provision against the Ofsted requirements and complete our checklist to see how we can improve your MFL provision in school. We will then assign one of our specialist teachers to your school to carry out excellent MFL lessons and to start to work towards targets on your Subject Leader Action Plan for you.

Are you meeting Ofsted’s requirements for MFL provision? Please see guidelines below of what Ofsted look for during inspections:

  • The effectiveness of the provision
  • Opportunities to progress
  • 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a foreign language
  • Work in books
  • Display boards
  • Increasing opportunities to develop their language skills
  • Accurate pronunciation
  • Children able to develop simple sentences, moving into joining those sentences together

If you do not believe that your current provision is of the quality that it needs to be according to the above guidelines, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. If you would like a copy of our scheme of work, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

To see our MFL Framework which outlines our Medium and Long Term Plans throughout KS1 and KS2 please contact us.

All Schools who use Primary PPA Cover Ltd receive a cheque for £100 for a successful recommendation to another Primary School as we truly value your recommendations.

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