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Below are the 19-20 Dates and the content covered during the courses:

Term 1: Expectations of a PPA Teacher and demonstration lessons using the software  (Having a contingency plan. Showing practical scenarios and guidance for how a lesson should be delivered)

Head office - 21st and 22nd August 9am-12pm

London East and West - 28th and 29th August 9am-12pm

Doncaster - 28th August 9am-12pm

Guildford - 29th August 9am-12pm

Chippenham - 31st August  9am-12pm

Cheshire - 30th August 9am-12pm


Term 2 - Completing Assessments/feedback and dealing with challenging behaviour (Behaviour expectations and meeting the needs of the class. Reviewing any issues so far this year and refresher on how to keep lessons interesting and keep the class under control

Head office - 9th & 10th January 9am-12pm

London East and West - 11th January 9am-12pm

Doncaster - 6th Jan 9am-12pm

Guildford - 7th Jan 11-1pm

Chippenham - 7th Jan 3-5pm

Cheshire - 8th Jan 9am-12pm


Term 3 - Tips to  make your lessons outstanding (Showing practical scenarios and guidance for how a lesson should be delivered)

Head office - 17th April 2-5pm

London East and West - 16th April morning and afternoon session

Doncaster - 17th April  10-12pm

Guildford - 15th April 11-1pm

Chippenham - 15th April 3-5pm

Cheshire - 14th April 10 - 12pm

Thursday, January 23, 2020

What was your New Year Resolution? Many of us have resolved to be healthier and happier - January feels like a trial month ready for National Heart Month in February. Our children are more at risk than ever with living in such a digital world, so why not add in some additional PE time whilst improving their Maths targets? Move With Maths incorporates both PE and Maths during the same lesson! Do get in touch if this is something of interest.

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