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Primary PPA Cover and BuildOn

Our Directors, Kerry and Stacey have always had a dream to help build a school in a country that is not as fortunate as our own and give something back to children that deserve an education like in the UK.

On that basis, we are working with BuildOn, a non-profit organisation based in the USA who organise teams of businesses to build schools in South America. To date they have built 234 schools to enable 12,168 children attend a school. Without this, children within these third world countries either would not attend school at all, or would be walking up to 2 hours per day just to get there. Those schools that do exist lack adequate classrooms – students learn in huts or are taught under trees in the best cases.

Due to our language base, we are heading to a Spanish speaking country to enable us to communicate with the families and children in the communities.

What is involved in the project:

  • To organise fund raising events to raise the funds for the school and the funds for a group of 15 people to fly out there, food, accommodation etc.
  • The team of 15 would spend 9 days in the country, getting to know the families and children and helping to build the school (anyone can do this – friends, family members, children (must be accompanied by parents if younger than 12)

We are hoping to raise enough funds by the end of September 2020 with a view to flying over in 2020.

Once the school is built, it doesn’t end there. We want to make it sustainable and it is built with the community rather than just being for the community.

Please follow the following link for more information. 



Please get in touch if this is something you would be interested in helping with – even any fundraising or donations!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

What was your New Year Resolution? Many of us have resolved to be healthier and happier - January feels like a trial month ready for National Heart Month in February. Our children are more at risk than ever with living in such a digital world, so why not add in some additional PE time whilst improving their Maths targets? Move With Maths incorporates both PE and Maths during the same lesson! Do get in touch if this is something of interest.

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