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With so much focus on children’s wellbeing and mental health, now is the time to start focusing on different ways to bring this into the classroom and the front of their minds. Children are spending so much time on electronic ‘babysitters’ at home, so surely at school their minds should be challenged to push boundaries (in the right way)!

Yoga and Mindfulness sessions are becoming increasingly common in the run of the school day as more schools introduce this, either as part of their PE/PSHE/Drama curriculum or as an optional lunchtime or afterschool club, using them as a nurturing and fun way for children to develop body awareness and learn tools to keep them calm, present, happy and to aid manage anger and aggression through a variety of mediums including stories, breathing exercises and much more.

We at Primary PPA Cover have created a new Scheme of Work to bring all of this together as one. To find out more please get in touch!




Friday, June 07, 2019

Are you aware that 21st June is National Yoga Day? How are you celebrating within your school? We are very passionate about Yoga, which you can see on our Yoga page. We at Head Office also have regular Yoga sessions during the term.

It has been proven to help with mental health - many schools are now taking this up for both children and staff to help with wellbeing throughout the week. Please get in touch to see how we can help you.

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