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We hope everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable summer and are now ready for the new term! Children will be coming in to school looking all shiny and new along with displays, classrooms and even teachers. Primary PPA Cover have been working hard all through the summer bringing new and rejuvenated lesson plans, making all our new and existing staff ready and raring to go. Subject Leader Action Plans have been made and staff are going into school for their first sessions this week.

As with all schools, needs change during the year and also the holidays, so we currently have availability to start sessions during the Autumn term or even in the Spring. If this is you do get in touch!

Looking forward to a great start to the academic year and good luck to all those going into new schools this week! 

Friday, November 02, 2018

This week we found out that there is going to be additional money put into each and every school! This is money that hasn’t been accounted for and therefore extra. Many schools will now be looking at what and how they can spend this money but at the same time asking if what they want is affordable in the long term? Why put something in place that the children love for it to be taken away again when the funding runs out? Making it sustainable is a must and Primary PPA Cover are able to offer a variety of subjects in line with the national curriculum but with specialist staff. School teachers are already superheroes, let them have their time out of the classroom to plan not worrying about what they are coming back to.