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It is here, finally. The news we have all been waiting for in anticipation for nearly four months now. The schools are opening. Since March Primary PPA Cover has been operating, like everyone else, so very different. Our goal of offering affordable PPA provision to schools across the UK has had to take an unrequested break. But just today the department of education has given us the news we have so dearly wanted; in September schools will be reopening full time for all students with the return of a somewhat normality.

Not only is this great for our business but also for our PPA teachers also. We have been keeping in contact with them through this ordeal and they have all wanted to get back to doing what they do best, teaching their specialist provision.  

Education secretary Gavin Williamson today said that “it is important to get every child back into school” and we could not agree more. So, come September we will once again be at the ready sending our PPA teachers to schools across the UK ready to start a new academic year with a new and brighter prospect for the year ahead.

Friday, August 07, 2020