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  • Primary PPA Cover

    Primary PPA Cover

    Raising attainment in primary schools

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  • Primary PPA Cover

    Primary PPA Cover

    Raising attainment in primary schools

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  • Primary PPA Cover

    Primary PPA Cover

    Raising attainment in primary schools

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  • Primary PPA Cover

    Primary PPA Cover

    Raising attainment in primary schools

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We provide specialist teachers to teach the subjects your class teachers are not comfortable or trained to teach. Our vision is to provide all UK schools with the specialist staff required to meet the objectives set out in the National Curriculum.

We guarantee:

  • We will improve the standard of specialist subjects
  • Assessments twice per year by our staff, saving your teachers time
  • Children will be able to demonstrate practical and theoretical understanding of the subject we teach
  • Outstanding lesson plans and resources will be provided by our staff coordinators
  • Termly observations carried out by our senior staff on all of our teachers, ensuring a high quality provision
  • Training provided twice per year ensuring CPD

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Our mission at Primary PPA Cover is to provide specialist teachers to teach the "Creative Curriculum" subjects to raise the standard of the current provision in school. We believe that all subjects on the Primary National Curriculum should be all taught equally to an excellent standard.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We hope you all love the look of our new website, please let us know if you have any feedback.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

One of our lovely teachers Anne has recently retired and sent this amazing feedback regarding her time with Primary PPA Cover:

Please rate your experience during your time with Primary PPA Cover Ltd    :    Excellent
Please rate your experience with staff coordination during your time with Primary PPA Cover Ltd    :    Excellent
What went well during your time with Primary PPA Cover Ltd?    :    The staff at PPA were great and the school were very accommodating.
What would you like to see improved with Primary PPA Cover Ltd?    :    More subject specific training is probably needed for the future.
Additional Comments/Feedback    :    Many thanks for your Thank you card that I received. Very much appreciated.

We love to hear from our staff and schools so do please give us your best bit of feedback to either your Account Manager or Staff Coordinator!

thank you

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thank you to our newest sponsor for your answers, Miles!

Good morning and thanks so much once again for your kind support in helping us to build a school for children living in poverty. Please can you start by telling us your story and how you became a business owner fortunate enough to be in a position to donate to this project?

Other than my first job washing dishes at the golf club where I was a member, I have always worked in financial services. I started as an office junior and was thrown into an administration role when one of the other administrators left without notice. While I was an administrator, I was able to learn more about financial planning and the complexity of it, and I liked the planning element of it and how certain financial decisions have an impact (good and bad) on other areas of financial planning. Over many years I was able to pass all the exams to become a certified and then charted financial planner. I decided to set up Milestone because I knew I could build a better company and give a better client service than was being given where I was. Milestone is still a growing company, but I wanted to help out with this project as well as many more in the future.  

What made you want to get involved in this project?

A part of Milestone’s mission statement is to use profits to help charities and good causes, and this Primary PPA buildOn project is certainly a great cause to help with.

What is your connection with Primary PPA Cover?

I am Stacey and Kerry’s friend and financial planner.

Why is providing children with a solid education important for you?

We are very lucky to have an education system in the UK, even if it does get moaned about. Access to education shouldn’t be dependent on where you are born. It should be available to everyone that wants to learn.

Do you have children of your own and if so what do you think they can learn from you being involved in this project?

Too early to say, my daughter is only 17 months old, so she’s currently trying to climb on anything and everything. Hopefully, she will learn that not everyone has access to the things she does, and will want to help those people.

Have you ever travelled to somewhere that is considered a third world country?

Not that I can recall. Not yet, anyway.

What has been the best lesson in business that you have learnt so far?

Set goals and timescales to complete them.

Once the school has been built, what life lessons do you think would be valuable to teach children as they start their school journey?

As you learn more, more options will become available to you. Choose the options that will make you happy, not what others expect you to choose.