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  • Primary PPA Cover

    Primary PPA Cover

    Raising attainment in primary schools

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  • Primary PPA Cover

    Primary PPA Cover

    Raising attainment in primary schools

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  • Primary PPA Cover

    Primary PPA Cover

    Raising attainment in primary schools

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  • Primary PPA Cover

    Primary PPA Cover

    Raising attainment in primary schools

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We provide specialist teachers to teach the subjects your class teachers are not comfortable or trained to teach. Our vision is to provide all UK schools with the specialist staff required to meet the objectives set out in the National Curriculum.

We guarantee:

  • We will improve the standard of specialist subjects
  • Assessments twice per year by our staff, saving your teachers time
  • Children will be able to demonstrate practical and theoretical understanding of the subject we teach
  • Outstanding lesson plans and resources will be provided by our staff coordinators
  • Termly observations carried out by our senior staff on all of our teachers, ensuring a high quality provision
  • Training provided twice per year ensuring CPD

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Our mission at Primary PPA Cover is to provide specialist teachers to teach the "Creative Curriculum" subjects to raise the standard of the current provision in school. We believe that all subjects on the Primary National Curriculum should be all taught equally to an excellent standard.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We hope you all love the look of our new website, please let us know if you have any feedback.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

As part of our ongoing training with all staff, we are now listed on the CPD website. This means that the courses completed are now accredited as part of the initiative to increase the standards in Education.

Courses happen each term, so do please get in touch if this is of interest to you!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

One of our schools, Moira Primary School has become a sponsor for the BuildOn Project. Here is what Headteacher, Karen Hambleton has to say:

Please can you start by telling us your story and why you became a Headteacher?

As a young child I had been brought up surrounded by friends and family who were in education in some capacity, so some may say it was inevitable! However, that was not the reason I became a teacher. Shaping our future generations, offering support, guidance love and care is one of the most privileged professions to be in. Every day you can make a difference, bring a smile, create an aspiration or light a torch. I wanted to provide such opportunities and foster children's desire to be the best version of who they could be. That is why I became a teacher and that is why I became a head over 12 years ago, wanting to support professionals and families further by using my skills to motivate, engage, challenge and drive a school forward.  

What made you want to get involved in this project?

What an exciting opportunity! At Moira our curriculum and ethos develops pupils who show respect, tolerance, resourcefulness and empathy.....amongst many other character strengths. Our motto is 'Together We Try' and what better project to show how coming together as a school and a community we can really make a difference to the lives of others.

What is your connection with ClubsComplete?

ClubsComplete is our provider for breakfast club and after school club every day of the school calendar. They have been a partnership for the school for over ten years.

Why is providing children with a solid education important for you?

Life has challenges...socially, academically, financially, emotionally so a broad, balanced and rich education that develops key life skills and knowledge is crucial to allowing our young people to blossom into successful, caring citizens.

Do you have children of your own and if so what do you think they can learn from you being involved in this project?

I have a daughter Megan, 13, a son Ethan, 10 and a step son, 22. I am proud to say they are all caring, thoughtful young people who really will understand the importance of giving time and energy to others. They understand that we have many privileges that children in both our own country and other parts of the world can only dream of...so lets be part of something that can realise a dream. 

Have you ever travelled to somewhere that is considered a third world country?

No....always wanted to, to experience life and do something to make a difference but never had the opportunity.

What has been the best lesson in running a school that you have learnt so far?

Every day is different...every day has its challenges....every day has that special moment when you know why you do the job you do and that every child is unique and special....however it requires special and unique teachers, support staff etc to bring out the best.

Once the school has been built, what life lessons do you think would be valuable to teach children as they start their school journey?

That even the most ambitious ideas can be achievable with the right support, attitude, resourcefulness and determination. That you need to want to be the best you can be....want to make a difference.

Thank you so much for your valuable time, we thank you for your support and are delighted to have you on board as a sponsor!